12th International Poetry Competition

Mattia Family, Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 2008 to January 2009



Consoled Christina Cowling Sept. 15
I start a poem today Usha Palat Sept. 15
New Life
Wayne BriscoeSept. 17
The Welcome Mat Kenneth Cross Sept. 18
The Desert Angie Sharp Sept. 18
Your Blooming Horse Ernesto P. Santiago Sept. 19
Motherīs Day Frank Joussen Sept. 20
The Weir at Alrewas Martin Bennett Sept. 23
The Dropouts' Clan R. Manoj Mohan Sept. 23
Tears on the Window Pane Agnes Clarke Sept. 28
The Wound David Michaelson Sept. 30
Medium Whitney Robinson Oct. 04
Heaven Linda Watson Owen Oct. 05
Hate and Freezing Rain Lucio MuņozOct. 07
Summer Diane Simkin Oct. 21
You Never Said
Goodbye Pat St. Pierre Oct. 21
If Words Had Wings Huguette R.-M. Simmonds Oct. 26
Grief Judith Rogers Oct. 27
Poppies are red in the night too Sonja Oct. 28
Only Now Susan Oct. 28
The Still Point George Amabile Oct. 29
Work Of Art Jennifer Fairley Nov. 10
Car Place Michael J Sullivan Nov. 18
The Perfect Poem Hazra Nov. 18
On Cruelty Frederic Kusseler Nov. 15
The Strange Goddess Charles Anderson Nov. 27
Blueprint (for all my Girls) Patricia Gomes Dec. 05
CatherineSean Bennett Dec. 14
The Last Visit Home Patricia Gomes Dec. 14
Catherine Sean BennettDec. 14
Modern Day Divorce Leighroy Marsh Dec. 26
Fear of Acceptance Hannah Dec. 27
Spirit Voices Laurie Nelson Hoffsmith Dec. 30
Holding Area Christy Jan. 01
Discarded Reflection Rae Jan. 05
The Silence of the Fall Dawn Wilson Jan. 09
Cabooses Jon Strother Jan. 10
The Woman Within Her House Anna Yin Jan. 11
SkySuzannah Leigh Weiss Jan. 16