FINALISTS IN THE 9TH International Poetry Competition

Mattia Family

Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Deadline May 31, 2007.



Discovering Words
David Michaelson Dec 03
Angie Sharp Dec 03
Autumn Boulevard
David Higgins Dec 06
Give Me Noise
Ella Tetrault Dec 07
The Quarrel
Barbara Boughton Dec 10
Breaker of Hearts And Bones
Christina Cowling Dec 11
Carved On A Saint's Tomb . . .
Diane Simkin Dec 14
Jeannette Walters Dec 14
Market Street
Morelle Smith Dec 17
A Prayer to Love
Christopher Spaleta Dec 22
Twisted Braille
Shermeen Dec 24
Dragon Breath
Or Pondak Dec 27
A Bucket
MJ Sullivan Jan 01
The Red Cardinal
Genevieve Donaldson Jan 05
Oscar Palacios Jan 07
Only in a Story
Anna Yin Jan 08
A Surprise to Death
Edgar R. Eslit Jan 10
Forked Tongue
Shelley Minanel Jan 15
Don't Quit
Cynthia WilsonJan 14
To You I Speak
Dimitris P. Kraniotis Jan 17
Safety in Numbers
Pat G McRee Jan 18
Fairy Tales
Jill M.Harrington-Fox Jan 18
Levi Freeman Jan 20
It Is Your Heart...
Lucio Munoz Jan 21
The Vortex
Keith A. Simmonds Jan 24
Sammy AM Jay Jan 24
CO Mccauley Jan 25
May My Eyes...
Eke Jan 25
The Poets Refusal...
George McGavin Jan 26
Amazon River Lim Yan Yi David Jan 27
Kyle Bennett Jan 29
Dawn on the
Pearl... Sean Vieira Jan 31
Waldo Gemio Feb 03
Jane-Ann Hyppolite Feb 05
Songs in the Mist
JO Prince Feb 07
Renata Buchler Feb 17
Tense Relationship
Jenni Meredith Feb 18
Patricia Henriques Feb 19
What It Is
Amy Feb 23
Michael Nemeth Feb 24
Echo Mountain
Sandy GreenFeb 27
Reaching Hands
Arash Kiany Mar 03
A Thought
Donald Fahlquist Mar 06
Effie Star March 07
White Llilac Love
Sonja Mar 07
Amber Nolan Mar 09
J. M. Strother Mar 12


Pat Kennelly Mar 20
Poetry’s Tracing Paper
Russell H. Mortimer Mar 22
Words to Live By
Roberta Swetlow Mar 25
Five and Fifteenths of a Tutelage
Ella Beaumont Mar 27
A Garden
Ben Charland Mar 28
Fragile Connection
Haemin E Kim Mar 29
Aa.Arianpoor Mar 29
Silence of the Heart
Brian George April 01
Donald Woodward April 10
Cardiac Journey
Anwiya Youkhanna April 14
F. Galoo April 14
Psychology is Biology is . . .
Whitney Robinson April 15
The Truth About The Truth
Caress Lee April 17
Words From the Book of SilenceCheryl
Loetscher Apr 20
After the Meeting
Janet McCann Apr 25
Kind of Death
Sallie Howson Apr 26
Time in Brindisi
Tom William HeenanMay 01
Nourished by the Devout Sun
Jessica Roy May 01
Rita Janice Traub May 05
Monica Sharma May 08
Of this
Xanthippe May 10
Silver Anniversary _had enough of you!
Irma Goder May 13
The Sofa Knows Her ShapeBeth
L Block May 17
Remains of a Season
Barbara Rogan May 17
Global Warming
Peggy Fletcher May 18
Kathleen Mortensen May 19
Francesca, Weeding the Garden
Andreas Gripp May 21
The Housewife
Dawn Sholun May 22
Black or White
Owino Owuor Gabriel May 29
Roses and Sunflowers
Pat St. Pierre May 30
The House on 4th Street
Gloria G Murray May 30
The Poet
Charles Anderson May 30
Tina Gagliardi May 31
Prima LuxGregory
Wm. Gunn May 31