Meeting Stinky



In a far away tropical land there is a beautiful place called Shiny Hills, located in front of a giant rectangular rock. 


On the top of the tallest hill at Shiny Hills is the green house of Stinky.


Stinky is a boy always full of curiosity.


Stinky likes his yellow boots so much that he does not want to take them off neither when sleeping. 


And therefore, Stinky has very stinky feet.


In front of the tallest hill at Shiny Hills there is a blue house, where Mary and John live.


Mary and John recently moved in the area from the city. 


Mary and John have not met Stinky yet, but they have heard he lives in the green house on the top of the tallest hill.


Between the green house and the blue house there is a very tall mango tree.


Next to the mango tree there is a big stone; and next to the stone there is a big hole on the ground where a family of skunks lives. 


One day, Mary and John decided to have their first barbeque in the front yard of their blue house, just in front of the tall mango tree. 


The smoke from the barbeque went up high in the sky and this called the attention of Stinky who was playing outside his green house. 


Stinky was curious to know who was living in the blue house, his new neighbors, and decided to get close and check them out.


Stinky walked quietly and slowly hiding behind some small trees and bushes not to be noticed until he reached the tall mango tree.


Stinky decided to climb the mango tree and hide among the mango leaves and see  from high above what his neighbors were doing. 


It was a very sunny and a little breezy day.


Then, Mary who was getting some chairs and a small table ready to place around the barbecue said “ John, can you smell that awful stink coming from that mango tree as I do?”. 


“Yes, I do”, said John, “I will go to check out why that mango tree is so stinky”, he added. 


The mango tree was on the path of a gentle breeze, which was sending the awful smell from Stinky’s feet towards Mary and John.


As John approached the mango tree, Stinky quickly climbed down, run and hid behind the big stone next to the mango tree. 


John checked the mango tree up, down, and around, but the stinky smell was gone. 


And  John said “There is nothing stinky here Mary”. 


“That is strange”, said Mary, “The stinky smell was coming from the mango tree, I am sure”. 


Then, Mary added “ John, can you please check behind that big stone, now the awful smell is coming from there, I think?” 


As John started to walk towards the big stone, Stinky quickly run and jumped in the hole next to the big stone and stayed quiet.


John checked the big stone behind and around,  but the stinky smell was gone. 


And John said “Mary, there is nothing stinky behind the big stone either”.   


“That is strange”,  said Mary, “The stinky smell was coming from that big stone”, she added.


Then, Mary saw the family of skunks who lives in the hole next to the big stone leaving the hole in a big hurry; and soon after that, the awful stink came back to her. 


Mary now said “John, can you please check that big hole on the ground next to the big stone, the bad smell is now coming from there, I think?” 


When John looked inside the big hole, he saw a boy seated and covering his face. 


John asked politely “ Who are you?”.  And the boy replied “My name is Stinky”.


And John said “Oh, you must be our neighbor!”.  Stinky looked up towards John  and gave him a big smile. 


Stinky then jumped out of the hole, and quickly ran away towards his green house without looking back. 


Then, John said  to Mary “Well, we now know that Stinky is really stinky”.


“Perhaps we should visit him soon”, said Mary, “and we can give him a gift he will for sure welcome, a new pair of yellow boots and a big bar of purple soap”.


“That is a good idea”, said John.  And they continued enjoying their barbecue party.


Stinky for his part was now heading towards the river behind his house for some fishing. But that’s another story.



Short Story by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada.